Psych Test

Pocket Dating Advice inconspicuously appears on your iPhone as “Psych Test”. Let’s say Joe meets Jane and wants to use the app to get to know her better, so he clicks on the icon to start the app.

Startup Screen

Once the app starts up, Joe enters his name and email address and clicks begin. (This is the email where Jane’s personality assessment will be sent for Joe to privately read.)

Warning! Skipping will result in you not receiving the detailed results.

Jane Takes the Quiz

Jane answers 5 fun and short questions about her personality.

Jane’s Quiz Results

At the end of the 5 questions, Jane gets a fun analysis of her personality!

Jane’s Personality Assessment

When Joe has a chance to look at his email, he’ll see that Pocket Dating Advice has sent him an email with a detailed breakdown of Jane’s personality assessment and also includes advice, tips, and techniques on how to best attract Jane, overcome potential problems with girls who have Jane’s specific personality, and get her to want to date Joe.

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