This app is a powerful but SECRET personality test that will analyze the thought patterns of any person who you choose to take part in the test, telling you exactly who they really are and the best way to go about generating attraction with them based on a number of psychological principles.

This app appears to the untrained eye to be a simple and fun personality test that you can use to amaze and entertain all your friends in the bar. Upon completion of the test, two things happen.

The screen will show a simple and fun personality summary of the person you're talking to which can generate some fun topics to talk about.

However the real power of this app kicks in during the second part of its processing.

The app privately emails you a personality assessment of the person who completed the quiz telling you all about the best way to attract them including tips on building attraction, techniques to get them to want to date you and an analysis of their personality type including potential problems you may face when trying to date them.

This app is available completely free of charge for a limited time only.

Get it now and stop stressing about whether someone likes you or not.

With this app you'll know exactly what to do and what to say whenever you meet someone you're attracted to!

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